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of the home of gina dejesus, 23 years old. this is the crowd that's gathered outside of her home as police tell us she is likely now to make her homecoming in the next few moments. we don't know when she's coming, but the police say that her return home is imminent. it is 1:00 in the afternoon cleveland time as the police presence grows outside of gina dejesus's home. let me remind you, gina has been missing since 2004. that is one year after amanda berry went missing. at the time gina went missing she was just 14 years old. and the reports were that she was last seen at a pay phone in the middle of an afternoon as she was on her way home from school. but now we're being told that after being treated in the hospital and her condition being reported to us as somewhat frail but good, we are likely to see in the next -- hopefully in the next short while the return home of gina dejesus to her family after just a harrowing ordeal allegedly at the hands of a man and his two brothers not far from the neighborhood where she disappeared. we have a number of developments that are happening in this s
in ohio a candlelight vigil for gina dejesus and michelle knight. there could be more charges to come against their alleged captor, ariel castro. it says when at least one of the women got pregnant, castro allegedly starved her for at least two weeks and then punched her in the stomach until she miscarried. this allegedly happened multiple times. we'll have more on castro's arraignment in a moment. >>> i also spoke with his former in-laws, including the sister of his ex-wife who says that castro is to blame for her sister's death. meanwhile, the mother of one of the victims, gina dejesus, is speaking out in her first interview. nancy reid spoke about gina's first night home. >> she said, mom, i don't want to stay in the room. i said, you don't have to anymore. so that's part of the process, of her healing, and knowing that she can now do what she wants. >> she said she doesn't want to stay in the room. >> nope. >> well, much has been made about the connections. between the castro family and gina dejesus' family, it's really fascinating, the connections. they knew each other and someti
and gina dejesus' family, it's really fascinating. gina's mother would sometimes see ariel castro. >> you would see him and he would say how are you doing? >> nothing was wrong. >> yes. >> that's chilling. >> it is. >> all the while he had your daughter. >> yes. you don't know how many times i've been through this street. i passed by that street. i was just two blocks and a half away from there. >> imagine a mother realizing she had walked by the home where her daughter was allegedly being hold hostage. lily rodriguez spoke to reporters through the window of her car. she was clearly distraught. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> there are other pieces of the puzzle just now coming to light. writings found inside the house, pictures of the backyard and the word that castro had confessed to at least some actions. joining me, cnn's martin savidge, pamela brown as well as woio investigative reporter scott taylor. pamela, some word of some sort of confession. what have you heard from sources? >> we've known ariel castro has been talking with federal authorities, local police, prosecutors si
vigil celebrating the safe return of amanda berry, gina dejesus and michelle knight. there you see it, balloons were released into the air in a show of support for the women and the challenges they now face after surviving their ordeal. there could be more charges, we want to tell you about, to come for their alleged captor, ariel castro. the prosecutor says he will seek murder charges relating to a police report that says when at least one of the women got pregnant, castro allegedly starved her for at least two weeks, then punched her repeatedly in the stomach until she miscarried. this allegedly happened multiple times. we will have more on castro's arraignment in a moment. i also spoke with his former in-laws, including the sister of his ex-wife. his ex-wife is deceased. her sister says castro is to blame for her sister's death after repeated beatings. meanwhile, the mother of one of the victims, gina dejesus, is speaking out. in her first interview, nancy ruiz spoke about gina's first night home. >> she said mom, i don't want to stay in a room. so i says you don't have to anymore.
nearly a decade someone, somewhere isn't wondering where amanda berry, gina dejesus and michelle knight are. and the first friday that ariel castro is in jail for kidnapping. tests prove that he is the father of the little girl. the main questions remained, how these three young women were picked up without anyone noticing. >> cleveland police detectives and now 15 fbi agents aggressively working this case. >> reporter: their disappearance captivated this community, flyers, rallies, vigils. this reporter covered the kid p kidnappings from day one and was right there when the young women finally made it home. [ applause ] >> there's one thing on the tree that just gets me. the yellow ribbon with her missing photo. her mom said that was the hardest thing to look at it every time. >> how did it captivate the entire city here? >> well, i think, again, to see two teenage girls go missing from the same general area right away just gave you chills. >> reporter: it was right here, 106th and lorraine on cleveland's west side back in 2002 when michelle knight was standing at this intersection an
to the pictures, absolute jubilation, not too far from where i stand in cleveland as we are hearing that gina dejesus, who went missing ten years ago, when she was 14 years of age, she was leaving her middle school, last seen at a pay phone, wanted to spend the night with a friend of hers, the mom said no. and then according to reports she was plucked off the street. tremendous media presence here. you can see cleveland affiliates have this story covered for you from the air and from the ground. we will not go too far from the scene as we're awaiting first pictures of gina dejesus coming home to her family there in cleveland. and for nearly a decade, inside the house here, back here on seymour avenue in the home behind me, amanda berry's movements were seen by a select few. and now as a free woman, the world watched her every step as she arrived at her sister's home in cleveland, the sister stepped out, i was there, the sister was surrounded by a crush of media and she gave just a very brief statement just about an hour or so ago. listen. >> i just want to say we are so happy to have amanda and her d
as well, i'm in front of gina dejesus' home right now. and within the hour one of her aunts came outside and pulled in all those beautiful balloons that we've been seeing for the last several days, moving them away from the front of the house and in the street. and you can see that blue tarp over my shoulder. they've set that up as well so that gina if she wants to come outside can maintain her privacy. chris. >> that's very difficult. there's so much media there. this family's trying to heal at the same time. delicate balance of course. let me get your take on one more thing before i let you go. aggravated murder charge in this case because of the miscarriages, what is the legal thinking through there? >> you know, that's going to be very interesting. and you yourself would know that more than anyone. an interesting legal prospect here. the prosecutor's saying he might -- aggravated murder charges because of what michelle knight has told them. in the police statement that cnn obtained, she describes that at least on five occasions she was pregnant and that she miscarried each time. but
developing right now. first in cleveland. amanda berry and gina dejesus return to hugs and cheers. their captors are charged with kidnapping and rape. how they were able to keep the girls trapped so long. >> the benghazi whistleblowers finally get their say. >> as a dying declaration, what precisely did he say to you? >> he said it's greg, we are under attack. >> why did no one go to help? we are live in dc breaking down the exclusive testimony. >> the jody arias trial has spoken. >> count one first degree murder guilty. >> you heard it arias guilty of first degree murder. in an exclusive fox interview she says she wants to die. >> i said i would rather get life and it's true today. >> let's get right to the fox news alert out of cleveland. >> police finally charging the 52-year-old former school bus driver who kept three young women locked up in the house of horrors. ariel castro three counts of kidnapping three counts of rape. his brothers are not charged. there seems to be no evidence that pedro or onil castro had no part in the krooims. >> that came as a surprise to some folks
, a mysterious house of horrors where amanda, gina dejesus, and michele knight were held captive, forced to live in rooms the size of closets for more than a decade. victims and the families begin the long road to healing as authorities begin to study the chilling tale of evil next door. byron pitts has the latest from cleveland. >> reporter: terry, federal and local authorities have been in and out of the house all evening. piecing together the secrets inside. tonight it's a crime scene, but for three girls, faces on posters, amanda, gina and michele, this house was their cage. >> help me, i'm amanda berry. >> reporter: after nearly ten years, this was the sweet, frightening sound of freedom. >> do you need police, fire or ambulance? >> i need police. >> reporter: that's amanda berry yesterday afternoon. we know so little about their experience, but the emotion in her voice is revealing. >> i've been kidnapped and i've been missing for ten years. and i'm here, i'm free now. >> reporter: freedom made possible by a neighbor she never knew. charles ramsey said he just heard a young woman in need a
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2003. gina dejesus just 14 when she disappeared in 2004. michelle knight was 20 when she went missing in 2002. police believe they were held captive in a home near downtown cleveland a few miles from where they vanished. think about that. think about their families, wondering, waiting, searching, and they were there. they were there in the neighborhood all that time. moments ago we learned that two neighbors say police were called twice in recent years to investigate suspicious activity there. that is not consistent with what we heard earlier today, but the police said that they are combing their records to make sure what they believe is the case is, in fact, the case, that there were no suspicious calls. one man, however, is claiming that he called about pounding doors at the house, and another neighbor says her daughter saw a naked woman crawling on her hands and knees in the back yard. police say they cannot find records of those calls. authorities have arrested three brothers, ages 50 to 54. we know one of them is the homeowner, ariel castro. charges are expected to be filed any t
connection with the safe finding of amanda berry, gina dejesus and michele knight. we ask that you understand that some questions we can't answer and some questions we can answer out of respect for the family. be mindful this is an ongoing investigation and due to the sensitive nature, some questions cannot be answered. i introduce to you the mayor of cleveland. >> this morning we are happy to announce, as you know, that amanda berry, gina dejesus and michele knight have been found and are alive. we're happy that they have returned to us. but their absence for several years has plagued their families, our community, police and our law enforcement partners for years. we have several unanswered questions. why were they taken? how were they taken? and how they remain undetected in the city of cleveland for this period of time? today we have three suspects in custody. over the years the cleveland police have worked closely with the northern ohio violent fugitive task force led by the cleveland office of the fbi and on the investigation of gina dejesus and amanda berry. we have with us special age
. this is the elementary school. back on april 2nd, 2004 was her middle school. this is where gina dejesus went to school. take a look around. it look like a lovely place for your child to go to school. on that date, april 2, 2004, something dreadful happened. gina who a special education student decided she would walk home from school. she left the school never to arrive home. and in broad daylight it looks perfectly safe. this is where it happened. 2207 seymour street. you go see the f.b.i. is sill processing the houses where the three women and the young child apparently have been for many, many years. neighbors give all sorts of different stories. they describe the man, castro, as an ordinary guy. story we hear from everybody is how surprised they were. they never in their wildest dreams believed that those three women would be held captive in that particular house. >> greta: on the record the investigation of the missing girls now women from almost the beginning. after 14-year-old gina dejesus vanished in 2004 we spoke with her cousin and cleveland police. >> what can you tell me about the investiga
. >>> and home at last. kidnap victim amanda berry and gina dejesus reunite with the family that they were taken away from for so many years. >>> finally, a verdict in the case that has captivated millions. jodi arias is guilty. and a shocking admission by arias has prison officials on high later. good morning, everyone, welcome to "early start." a lot's going on this morning, i'm john berman. >> indeed quite a news day. i'm zoraida sambolin. i'm live in cleveland, ohio. it's 5:00 a.m. in the east. let's get started here. we're live in cleveland with the horrifying details about what went on in the house behind me on seymour avenue for ten years. we're going to have more on that but first, this morning, we're getting a first look at the man many are calling a monster. ariel castro accused of holding three women inside of his home now facing three counts of rape and four cases of kidnapping. listen to a reporter inside woio firing questions at castro inside prison last night? >> why are you covering your face? what do you have to say to those woman? how can you do that? what kind of monster does
women were welcomed home today. gina dejesus escorted into berry entered with the help of an fbi escort. >> we appreciate all we've done for us. please respect our privacy. >> i know my daughter was out there, alive. >> the third victim reunited with her mother today, she's hospitalized but in good condition. we've learned one of aerial castro's daughters was friends with gina dejesus nchl a 2004 interview she claims she was one of the last foam see gina. >> the rescue had a pro found impact on families here in the bay area with missing children. abc 7 news spoke to two spom family who's say this has given new hope. >> that is right. some families near the bay area told me they can't wait to hear the story of the women. they're rescue is hope daughters are out there, and listening. >> the family posted their daughter eileen on a window skb car. the yellow yoin is often replaced. they've waited 24 years. the story of the cheif women rescued earlier this week has given mike hope. >> my first reaction is that we have to wait about 10 years. determination, nofr give up, but hope. >> eileen
, here in the neighborhoods, we are outside the home of one of the victims -- gina dejesus. a very jubilant day here today, a time for celebration, a time to breathe a big sigh of relief as she finally came home. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: on a brilliant afternoon a scene many feared would never happen. gina dejesus arrived home, her face hidden, but with a big thumbs-up, as family, friends, and neighbors cheered all around her. >> i never gave up. never gave up searching for her. >> reporter: just hours earlier another reunion. amanda berry, the woman who bravely led the escape from the alleged captors monday evening with her 6-year-old daughter. berry's sister spoke for the family. >> i just want to say we are so happy to have amanda and her daughter home. i want to thank the public and the media for their support and encourage over the years. >> reporter: meanwhile michele knight, the third rescued woman, remains hospitalized in good condition. late this afternoon, police announced charges in the case. >> i just signed criminal complaints charging ariel castro with fou
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today, where are the castro brothers right now and what about amanda berry, gina dejesus and michele knight and the 6-year-old found in the house? were there more children? plus the most important question of all. how could all this have happened in plain sight? tonight, what the neighbors saw and what the people who knew the suspects think now. >> this has come to a shock to me, to hear that he's involved in all this. >> i'll talk to tito dejesus in a moment. we have learned that the three castro brothers, ariel, pedro and onil will be interviewed tomorrow and could be charged thursday. a jeep cherokee and pickup truck have been towed from the home on seymour avenue. now we go live to the scene. kevin, thank you for joining me. obviously, for anyone like you who has covered this for so many years, it's a quite extraordinary end to three concurrent investigations, i guess. what is the latest and let's start with the three young women. my understanding is that two of them are heading home and they're okay but the one is not in great shape. what can you tell me? >> officially, all the
yesterday where a gentleman who was i believe initially a suspect in gina dejesus's disappearance and a private investigator indicated to us that this gentleman said he had pointed authorities in the direction of ariel castro back in like 2004. yet i don't know who the appropriate person to respond is but is that true and what was done with that if it is true? >> you want to address it, steve? >> just very quickly, we have obviously heard that same statement and with due diligence we have scrubbed our entire investigative file and have no reason to believe that he made the comments that he is purporting to the media. so just so i have it right, there was a conversation with him but you have no reason to believe that he made the statements to you that he made to us, is that correct? >> it's part of this long-term, joint task force investigation, he was interviewed at some point. and that's -- that must be what he is referring to when he said that he told us that. again, we have no information to believe based upon our investigative file that that's indeed correct. >> okay. thank yo
gina dejesus. good morning to you, pam. >> reporter: good morning to you. as the women heal and recover, we hear from sources that ariel castro confessed to some of his actions related to his behavior over the last ten years. these exclusive pictures obtained by cnn give us the first glimpse into ariel castro's backyard, though much of it is obscured by tarps, jugs are strewn all around. and this weary image of a white cross spotted by a neighbor. at his first court appearance, castro looked despondent looking down and making eye contact with no one. >> we evaluate to seek charges eligible for the death penalty. >> reporter: following arraignment, the prosecutor made it clear additional charges could likely be added. castro already faces four counts of kidnapping and three counts of rape. >> for each and every act of sexual violence, rape, each day of kidnapping, every felonious assault, all his attempted murders and each aggravated murder. >> reporter: one of the women, michelle knight, became pregnant five times during her captivity and each time castro starved her and punched her rep
were held captive are under arrest. amanda berry, gina dejesus and michelle knight disappeared. separately about a decade ago. they were discovered in a house south of downtown cleveland yesterday. they appeared to be in good health. a neighbor, charles ramsey, said he heard screaming and went to investigate. >> i look and i see this girl and she just going nuts on the door. what's your problem? are you stuck? just open the door. she says i can't. he got it locked. i look how he has it. enough to reach a hand out to grab the mail and close the door. naturally going to pry it open. that didn't work. we had to kick open the bottom. that door was aluminum and cheap. she climbed out with her daughter. she went to my house. we called 911. then when the police get here, she says there are three more girls up there. that's when gina dejesus and they brought two more girls out. >> you saw amanda berry? >> yeah. ain't that something. >> it's quite a story. susan mcginnis has more. >> reporter: fbi investigators worked through the night searching this cleveland home where three women wer
berry, gina dejesus and michele knight. brian todd is out in cleveland tonight. brian, what more can you tell bus this confession? >> reporter: well, erin what we're getting from a law enforcement source closely involved with the investigation, the source telling our pamela brown that ariel castro has, in fact, confessed to some of his actions. the confessions came in what they call detailed statements given to authorities during his interrogations. this source according to pamela brown is reluctant to describe precisely what castro has confessed to but, again, we have to stress he has confessed to some of his actions according to a law enforcement source closely involved with the investigation who has spoken to our pamela brown tonight, erin. again, we're getting pieced together details of some of this information. we were told yesterday ariel castro was cooperating with investigators. now we have a little bit more detail that he's confessed to some of his actions. >> brian, we'll talk to the attorney general in just a moment. he says he thinks this will go to trial. the cuyahoga county
't know this. i just helped her out. >> you're correct. gina dejesus and a woman named michelle knight. you've been living next door to this house. had you known there were any people -- >> no. because i would have pulled this heroic stuff last year. >>gretchen: amazing. he said he had barbecues with this so-called man who lived there, ariel castro over the years and had no idea. the women disappeared, at least one of them, just a couple blocks away. we're going to have an aunt say they canvassed this neighborhood time and time again. of course these girls were probably in the basement at the time. there's reports that ariel castro was a former school bus driver, to add more scaryness to any parent watching. >>steve: amanda berry currently age 27. it looks like she disappeared when she was 16 years old. she had been working at the neighborhood burger king, part-time job. interestingly enough, a couple of months after she went missing, her cell phone was used to call her money. and then shortly after she was kidnapped, within the year, then gina dejesus also disappeared. she was a seven
developing news out of cleveland, ohio. gina dejesus, one of the women held captive in that dilapidated home, a few miles from where they were abducted, is expected to arrive home no her own family for the first time in ten years. by her own account, dejesus was on her way home in 2004 when a man in a van pulled up and offered her a ride, beginning ten years of torment. we expect the cleveland police department to repeat a summary of what the women told them. it is a nightmarish house of horrors, according to police. the women were bound if chains and ropes in separate rooms throughout their captivity. police sources also say that women have told them of repeated sexual and physical abuse as well as multiple pregnancies and miscarriages. just hours ago, amanda berry and her 6-year-old daughter were welcomed by cheers as she returned home for the first time of the home belonging to her sister, beth. a chaotic scene emerged as beth gave a short statement saying thank you for support and to ask for privacy. some neighbors claimed that police were called several times ov
right now. she's heading to the home of gina dejesus. she was reported missing when she was only 14 years old. now she's 23. that's her home. she's heading there. so are we right after this. ♪ [ female announcer ] from more efficient payments. ♪ to more efficient pick-ups. ♪ wireless is limitless. ♪ (announcenergy cycle... natural cats. they were born to play. to eat. then rest. to fuel the metabolic cycle they were born to have, purina one created new healthy metabolism wet and dry. with purina one and the right activity, we're turning feeding into a true nature experience. join us at [ female announcer ] from meeting customer needs... to meeting patient needs... ♪ wireless is limitless. >>> one of the three women held captive for a decade inside a cleveland, ohio, house is now back home. amanda berry, she reunited with her family in the last hour. another of those three women, gina dejesus, is also on her way home. poppy harlow is joining us on the phone. these are emotional arrivals. what do you know? >> incredibly emotional. i was outside this home where
together by police in cleveland, ohio. according to sources, amanda berry, gina dejesus and michelle knight were found in a house near a residential area. michelle knight vanished in 2002. they were found later today when a man saw a woman, later identified as amanda bier ri. >> i heard screaming. i'm eating my mcdonalds. i come outside and i see this girl going nuts trying to get out of the house. so i go on the porch and she says help me gout out. i've been in here a long time. and she comes out with the little girl. and she says call 9-1-1, my name is amanda berry. >> and here is the call made to 9-1-1. >> help me, i'm amanda berry. >> do you need police, fire or ambulance. >> >> i need police. >> and what's going on there? >> i've been kidnapped and i've been missing for ten years. i'm here, i'm free now. >> okay. and want's your address? [bleep]. >> [bleep]. >> looks like you're calling me from [bleep]. >> i can't hear you. okay, stay there with those neighbors and talk to police when they get there. talk to the police when they get there. >> we're going to send them as soon as we get
with kidnapping and raping amanda berry, gina dejesus and michelle knight. his brothers, onil and pedro, no charges against them. listen to this dramatic recording at the moment the police found these women. >> might be for real. we found them. we found them. >> and in phoenix, sex, lies and murder. jodi arias found guilty. police say she is on suicide watch, and just a little while ago, she gave a dramatic new interview in which she said she would rather get the death penalty than life in prison. listen to what she told the affiliate in phoenix. >> i said years ago i would rather get death than life and that still is true today. >> i'll talk to a friend of jodi arias and friend of a man she killed. >>> and a joyous family reunion. >> there she is. >> we are so happy to have amanda and her daughter home. until this moment for me, i still feel as it is a dream. i still pinch myself. >> police say the victims left the house of horrors only twice in a decade. and watched their parents on tv at vigils for themselves. they say when amanda berry escaped on monday, the other two victims chose
disappeared then in april 2003 when she was 16. and gina dejesus vanished in april 2004 at the age of 14. all three reuniting with families tonight after their dramatic rescue unfolded yesterday. coming up, we're going to talk to one of those family members, who saw her niece for the first time in nine years. meanwhile, investigators are focusing on the owner of the home where the women were found. >> at this point i can confirm that we have no indications, any of the neighbors, bystanders, witnesses, or anyone else has ever called regarding any information regarding activity that occurred at that house on saymore avenue. >> which raises many questions like how did the women live in this home for nearly ten years without being noticed by anybody? one thing you can tell from that neighborhood, the houses are very close together. the people spend a lot time out on their porches and barbecuing, as neighbors have told us. so did the women ever try to escape before yesterday? what were their living conditions like? and how did the suspected kidnappers keep the women from escaping? we're going to b
's day. that's coming up next. ,,,,,, crowds greeting gina dejesu she's back home with family. days after police rescued h and two other women after ty >>> excitement and relief from crowds greeting gina dejesus. she is back home with family days after police rescued her and two other women after they spent almost 10 years in captivity inside a cleveland home. it has been a day of fast- moving developments in this story. cbs reporter ines ferre has new information on what went on inside what they are calling the house of horrors. >> reporter: cleveland prosecutors announced formal charges against accused kidnapper ariel castro. >> i just signed criminal complaints charging ariel castro with 4 counts of kidnappings and three counts of rape. >> reporter: castro will be arraigned in the morning for the kidnapping of amanda berry, gina dejesus and michelle knight as well as berry's 6- year-old daughter. castro's two brothers will not be charged. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: neighbors cheered as gina dejesus arrived home today. she hid under a yellow hood as she entered her house for
american families with answered prayers. these are the faces of amanda berry and gina dejesus, abducted as teens. a third, michelle knight, vanished at the age of 20. and now, all three have been found alive after life inside this home. a flag on the porch. a crime scene inside. and on the right, there is the front door. that dark space where a stranger heard a cry for help and refused to turn away. tonight, we have new details about the women, the three brothers under arrest, and the heroes of this rescue, as breaking free, the escape in cleveland begins. and abc's david muir is there. david? >> reporter: diane, good evening. we are learning exclusive, new details about the dynamic inside that home among the women. we know two of them have left the hospital tonight, including amanda berry and her little girl. you can see the balloons here on the house waiting to welcome them home. and about that little girl, she's missing two front teeth. one on the top. one on the bottom. we've also learned that her mother was quietly homeschooling her inside that house. tonight, the balloons and flow
to spend some time with one of the women, gina dejesus, earlier today. brooke, you did a really great interview with her. tell us what she told you about how gina right now is doing. >> it was absolutely stunning. i spoke with lydia espara a family friend of the gina dejesus family and also a journalist here in cleveland, a weekend anchor at a local affiliate woio. i tell you, she had just sat down with gina dejesus. she covered her missing story ever since she was plucked off lorain avenue back in 2004. and in this conversation, you know, she talked to me about how gina confided in her that she lost the ability to communicate with her mother in her native tongue, puerto rican. she lost her ability to speak spanish, having lived as a prisoner in this home on seymour avenue for ten years. it was one nugget of several that i believe from this conversation. let me set this sound bite up. she begins by being invited into this dejesus family. she has really become an unofficial family member because of the decade she has come to know and cover the story. >> i go inside the house and i have
of gina dejesus and amanda berry. we have with us today special agent in charge steve anthony. he will be talking later. we have also searched -- been searching our records for public safety calls to four services at 22 2207 seymore regarding complaints of the occupants of the house. since last night we have learned the following. building housing does not have any records of permits or violations at that address. our records show that the cleveland fire department and emergency medical service have not been called to that address. at this time our records show that cleveland police have responded twice to that address. once in 2000 and another time in 2004, and will provide some details in regard to that. now as we move forward, we will provide updates as they become available, keeping in mind, as was stated, that this is an open investigation. again, we're thankful that ms. berry, ms. dejesus and ms. knight have been found and that they're alive and that we have offered our support to the families and to the three ladies as they move down the road to recovery. i do want to say,
. this is the picture of the crowds outside the home of gina dejesus, set to arrive home any minute now. abc7 news reporter katie marzullo joins from the newsroom. >> neighbors, friends and media waiting across the street from two homes, still waiting at gina dejesus' house but amman -- amanda berry arrived and it was pure joy. [ applause ] >> police escort amanda berry do her sister's house, balloons, and flowers piled on the porch, a giant sign rides "welcome home." the caravan pulls around back a helicopter catches the quick view of amanda running into the house carrying her daughter. her sister addressed the media. >> it is time that we request privacy so my sister can have time to recover. we appreciate all you have do to us throughout the past 10 years. >> she mentioned the six-year-old born to amanda during the 10 years she was missing, police say three brothers were holding amanda, gina dejesus and michelle knight captive. a police source tells abc7 news all three women became pregnant while being held by the brothers and there could have been as many five pregnancies. one of the women mis
are trying to piece together exactly what went on behind closed doors. the women, amanda berry, gina dejesus and michele knight are being reunited with their families and more relatives are anxiously awaiting their arrival home. >> just glad and happy and i told her i loved her and i missed her and i prayed for her and oh, my god. i mean, it is just so great. >> and while it's being called a miracle, doctors and therapists are quick to say the women have a long road ahead. first lady michelle obama discussed with chief ivillage correspondent, kelly wallace. >> these families are going to have to wrap their arms around these young women and make sure that they get all the help and support they need so they will go on and lead healthy, normal lives. >> meanwhile, the three brothers at the center of the investigation remain in police custody and charges could be filed as early as today. nbc's ron allen has the latest. >> reporter: the three brothers are ariel castro, 52, pedro, 54, and julio, 50. it's ariel that neighbors knew best as a school bus driver and gaye kids gave kids rides on his all
reward? you make them out to gina dejesus. what have you got? you go give that to michelle. what else you got? >> reporter: you don't feel, you are not going to collect any money for this? >> if i could do this all over again, and come out with the same happy ending, keep your money. >> reporter: there has been a dissenting voice raised over the past 24 hours. angel cordero who lives on the street says it was he not ramsey who broke down the door. "ramsey arrived after she was outside with the girl. but the truth, we arrived here who crossed the street, who broke the door, it was me." >> ramsey says cordero's version is not true. he says cordero was the first to run over to ariel castro's house then he ran away. in this exchange he refers to cordero as the dominican. >> i saw that girl. i don't recognize her. i saw a white girl. what's your problem? keep in mind the dominican, as i am saying this, what is your problem, runs back over there behind me, i look across the street, and she need to got out of here. he says, i'm not getting involved in that. i did what i had to do. and she got ou
. the and then that's what gina --, that's what gina dejesus and they brought two more girls out. >> you saw amanda berry? >> ain't that something? martha: ain't that something. oh, my gosh. his store is incredible. he had barbecues at the home with the owner. never suspected that anything like this was going on. bill: story brings to mind a lot of other cases we have covered frankly over the years, high-profile kidnappings. and, various stories, that you know, they have dealt with hostage situations involving children over the years. june of 1991, 11-year-old jaycee dugard, kid 23457d, missing for eight teen years. finally freed in 2009. after giving birth to two of her abductor's children. sean hornbeck was found four years later along with another boy who also had been kidnapped. there is elizabeth smart, who was taken from her bedroom in atta at the age of 14. she was found nine months later, about 20 miles from her home in salt lake city utah. martha: unbelievable stories, all of these. we are very glad to be joined this morning by a man who knows this story all too well, ed smart. as bill sai
captive in their kidnapper's home. amanda barry, gina dejesus and knight disappeared between 2002 and 2004. police have spent years searching for them. their faces were all over the news. two of their cases even appeared on america's most wanted and now we know those missing women were right there all along in cleveland. apparently in the house you see in the cube behind me. police have now arrested three men. the castro brothers seen here. ages 50 to 54. one of them owns that house. folks in the area report they have called the police to that home over the years. one neighbor says he wants heard pounding from inside the house. another says her daughter once saw a naked woman crawling in the backyard. she says police didn't take her report seriously. another man says he heard screams in the street. i talked to him today. the man says he has known aerial castro for 22 years. said he never had any clue about what was happening in that home. >> always happy and smiled, so he had that perfect mask where he hid the monster very well. >> shepard: hid the monster very well. who else but a monster
police two women were continue side. gina dejesus and gina knight. >> they came out of the house after police approached. >> now under arrest former school bus driver aerial castro and his two brothers in their 50s. >> i'm sorry. damage was done by a member of the family. >> neighbors are stunned. >> i thought he was a nice guy. he was loving to kids in the neighborhood. and we never had suspicion autos the women are out of the hospital. police say they're doing well, police say they started to talk to the women but will move cautiously given the trauma they've faced. >> now, you just heard a clip from amanda berry's 911 call. >> it's so riveting we wanted to give you a longer version of the call. take a listen. >> help me. i'm amanda berry. >> do you need police, fire, or ambulance. >> what is going on there? >> i've been kidnapped and missing 10 years z i'm here, i'm free now! >> okay, stay there. we'll talk to police when you get there. >> okay. okay. i need them now before he gets back. >> who is the guy that went out? >> his name is aerial castro. >> how old is he? >> like 52. >>
was dumbfounded. >> away from the cameras, amanda berry, gina dejesus, and michelle knight, the three women trying to piece their shattered lives back together. >> this is a miracle. a very, very large miracle. and we're all excited. >> and in tennessee, amanda berry's grandmother got a very important phone call from the granddaughter she hasn't seen in years. >> hello? >> amanda. >> yeah, grandma. >> are you -- >> i'm fine. >> i'm glad to have you back. >> it's good to be back. >> i thought you were gone. >> nope, i'm here. >> and we're happy down here for you. >> thank you so much. i miss everybody and i love you guys so much. >> the little girl is your baby? >> yes, she's my daughter. born on christmas. >> we've got to get together soon. >> i know it. >> i love you, honey. thank god. >> i love you too. >> i've thought about you all this time. i never forgot you. >> a giant step in trying to close the door on this house of horrors. >> and cnn's martin salvidge joins me live now. there's so much information that's coming out. some of it being reported, some of it straight from the police. and the
10 years in the making. gina dejesus and amanda berry are finally home. >> i saw my daughter. the only thing i did was grab her and hug her. i didn't want to let go. >> reporter: the third kidnapping victim michelle knight is still in the hospital listed in good condition. >> what are you going to say to those women? >> reporter: the man who allegedly tied up and tortured those victims was officially charged wednesday. he is facing four counts of kidnapping and three counts of rape. prosecutors may add more charges later. >> this case will proceed through the cuyahoga county grand jury at which time i expect will result in indictments on these charges and may result in additional counts. >> reporter: ariel castro begins his defense later this morning when he appears in court for the very first time. but he may have implicated himself in a note allegedly written in 2004 shortly after the gina dejesus kidnapping. >> was a suicide note from ariel castro found in his home? >> that is another part of evidence that we recovered that i cannot comment on. >> reporter: cbs affiliate w
berry gina dejesus and michelle knight to his home by offering them a ride. on monday he forgot to lock the main door of the home leading to his escape. >> my first reaction, as i saw my daughter, the only thing i did was grab her and hug her. i didn't want to let go. >> ariel castro's two brothers who were also arrested who have not been charged, at this point there is no evidence they were involved. >>> congress holds its first hearing and one of the witnesses will be boston commissioner ed davis. ed davis said they should tighten around this area and consider more officers and technology but he doesn't endorse actions that make it into a police state. today the jody trial enters its penalty phase, she was found guilty of first-degree murder for killing her boyfriend. >>> the chp has an important safety message to honor the five women killed in that bridge. they are asking no flowers be left at the scene of the deadly fire. officers are saying there is no safe place to pull over and stopping on the bridge could lead to another tragedy. family and friends gathered to attend the funeral
birthday as she was walking home from her job at burger king. gina dejesus went missing a year later on her way home from school at the age of 14. michelle knight was 20 when she disappeared in 2002. the seymour street house is just miles from where they vanished. it was neighbor charles ramsey who first saw berry screaming for help as she struggled to get out the front door. >> we had to kick open the bottom. lucky that door was aluminum. that door was cheap. she climbed out with her daughter. she went to my house. we called 911. >> talk to the police when they get there. >> we're going to send them as soon as we get a car open. >> i need them now before he gets back. >> we're sending him, okay. >> reporter: police believe that was a reference to the homeowner aerial castro, 52, a former school bus driver who was arrested along with his two brothers. o'neill, 50, and pedro, 54. police found the two other missing women inside the house. sandra ruiz is the aunt of gina dejesus. >> those womans are so strong. what we do out here, what we've done in ten years is nothing compared to what those
astonishingly solved. >> michelle knight, amanda berry and gina dejesus all discovered. >> reporter: a neighbor heard a woman screaming for help. >> i look and i see this girl and she's going nuts on the door. we had to kick open the bottom. it was aluminum. she climbed out with her daughter. she went to my house. we called 911. >> hello, police, help me, i'm amanda berry. i've been kidnapped and i've been missing for ten years and i'm here, i'm free now. >> reporter: amanda berry vanished in 2003. she's now 27. inside they found gina dejesus missing since age 14 and michelle knight who disappeared in 2002 when she was 21. all being examined for possible abuse at a cleveland hospital. >> currently they're safe. we're in the process of evaluating their medical needs. they appear to be in fair condition at the moment. >> reporter: police say three hispanic brothers in their 50s are in custody as investigators now search the home for evidence. neighbors who knew one of the suspects, the home's owner say he was a normal guy. >> he's somebody you look and look away because he's not doing anything bu
were there were filed. the women, amanda berry on a right, gina dejesus on the left, and michele knight, this appears separate cases between 2002 and 2004. police say, that the victims are okay. the three women were in their teens when that went missing. officers from all the women inside the same home, along with a six year-old child. one of the victims manage to call 911. >> i go on the porch and a woman stated that she want me to help her get out. out wil as she stated that we should call on 911 because my name is amanda vebarry. >> three brothers are under arrest accused of holding these women hostage for nearly a decade. we will go live to the press conference as soon as it is available. >> now to the latest on the deadly alamo fire on the san mateo bridge. later this morning, the corner is expected to release the names old all of the women killed on saturday. there were nine passengers and saw the limo. still no word on what caused the fire, but investigators say, the limousine was overcrowded by one passenger though there is no indication that that was a factor in the fire. the
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